2 Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

The gutters on your house perform an essential job. They catch the water that falls onto your roof and then funnel it away from your roof. The water goes into the gutters and from the gutters into the downspout. The downspout should be far enough away from your foundation so the water doesn't go into your foundation. If there is a problem with your gutters, you risk water getting down to your foundation and damaging it. This is why you must ensure that your gutters are in good shape. Part of keeping your gutters in good condition is knowing some signs of damaged gutters. That way, you can call a contractor to repair them as quickly as possible.

Moss and Mildew

One sign that you are having problems with your gutters is that you have moss and/or mildew growing on the exterior walls of your home. You will start to see these things growing either up near the gutters or down by the ground. You are more likely to see moss and mildew growing if that part of your house is in the shade. The sun can help dry out places where moss and mildew might grow. 

Water Puddles Near House

If you see a lot of puddles near the base of your home, it can be because there are holes in your gutter that allow the water to run down. The water can run down the walls of your home and end up at your foundation. It could also be a sign that your downspout needs to be adjusted. The first place to check would be your downspout. Look to see where the end of the spout is. If you see a lot of water there, one easy way to deal with it is to get an extension. You can get different kinds of extensions. One extension is a longer pipe that you can just put on the downspout and will let the water empty further from your house. Another kind is a trough placed under the downspout, which will funnel water away from your home. You need to get rid of those puddles as soon as possible because if water gets into your foundation, it can cause extensive damage.

Your gutters are essential to your home. If you think that you have problems with your guttering, call a gutter contractor immediately. They can send a tech out to check your gutters and make necessary repairs. 

For more info about gutter repair, contact a local company. 

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