Landscaping Recommendations for a Great Looking Lawn

Your yard's appearance and the condition of the vegetation depend on how well you take care of it, which has a direct impact on your property overall. Many homeowners want to have a well-tended lawn and landscaping but don't have the knowledge or time to get their yard where it needs to be. Here are some great recommendations that you can use in your yard and landscaping to keep it looking its best, whether you do it yourself or hire a landscape company.

Keep Up on Weeds

One of the first things that can ruin the appearance of your landscaping is the growth of weeds in your lawn and landscape bedding areas. Weeds are going to grow anywhere there is space and the right sun, water and oxygen. Keep your lawn healthy and thick to help prevent weeds from taking over, then apply a weed control fertilizer on your lawn when the weeds are too numerous to pull by hand. Otherwise, pull them with a hand space when the soil is moist after it has been watered.

Manage Irrigation

Your lawn's irrigation is important to your lawn's life, and the more heat in the weather, the more water it will require to stay green. Therefore, apply a watering technique to keep your lawn green but while saving on your watering bill. Keep in mind the type of lawn you have to provide it with enough water each week to keep it healthy. For example, some drought-resistant warm climate grasses only require one to 1.5 inches of water each week, but cool-climate grasses need up to 2.5 inches of water each week.

Plan your watering for early in the morning when it is the coolest to prevent moisture loss from evaporation. Plan to water a couple of times each week and apply the required weekly amount of water for your lawn. A longer watering duration will allow moisture to soak more deeply into the soil, promoting your lawn's roots to grow more deeply as well. This gets your lawn to be more drought tolerant and less susceptible to heat stress and sun scorch to its roots.

In addition to ensuring the right amount of weekly water, watch your sprinkler system for any problems which will be indicated by dead spots in your lawn. If your sprinklers are not reaching an area of your lawn, adjust their spray accordingly. Or if you have too many heads on one zone, you may need to add in another zone to evenly manage the water pressure. Your lawn care professional can help you add in another zone or adjust your sprinkler heads for optimal spray.

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